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1.1The data are uploaded to the cloud service platform y the intelligent

Monitoring host via GPRS (with optional Wi-Fi function) , The user can log in to the system directly to view the monitoring information of the platform, and can export the data of different time periods at any time.

1.2. Platform based on B / S structure, WEB page landing, no need to install the client,

Through the user name and password directly in the computer or mobile terminal landing, real-time view information.

1.3. Users can set the temperature sampling interval, temperature upper and lower limits, alarm delay, alarm short signal number and other parameters of the cold monitoring equipment.

1.4. The system has a multi-level alarm mechanism, the platform automatically monitor the alarm information, within a set time frame, the alarm information that is not handled in a timely manner will be upgraded, via SMS or We chat to inform the relevant responsible person.

1.5. Users can query the temperature data and alarm information according to the set time interval, and export the data in the form of excel tables.

1.6. It has the functions of real-time temperature summary, historical alarm summary and temperature curve chart, which is convenient for data statistics and analysis.

  1. 2. Parameter performance and configuration*2.1.Temperature (humidity) degree acquisition, transmission machine, 4.3-inch TFT LCD touch screen, dynamic color icon display temperature (humidity) degree changes, clear and intuitive, with temperature (humidity) degree at the same time display, curve browsing, data list platform and other viewing modes.

    *2.2. SD Card data storage, USB Data Export, Bluetooth Printing (optional) function.

    Intelligent cold monitoring system

    2.3. Adopt high precision temperature (humidity) sensor, temperature range-40 ~ +100 °C, accuracy ±0.5 °C, Humidity Range 0 ~ 100%RH, accuracy 3%RH, PT100(- 200 ~100 °C) , NTC-55 ~ 100 °C and so on.

    *2.4. The data is uploaded to a cloud server via GPRS. (optional Wi-Fi)

    *2.5. Equipped with SD card storage function, monitor host can save more than 50 years

    of data, and can be exported at any time through the USB interface, support off-line Continuous transmission function, to ensure the integrity of monitoring data.

    *2.6. With local area over-temperature alarm, power failure alarm.

    The alarm mode: local area sound, ICON alarm, remote temperature (humidity)

    abnormal SMS alarm, We chat push alarm, telephone alarm optional, platform voice alarm, temperature abnormal alarm information can be sent to more than an administrator mobile phone or we chat client, users deal with the relevant alarm equipment in time to ensure the safe operation of cold  equipment.

    2.7. Acquisition Frequency (time interval) : According to customer demand can be set

    Freely (1-360 minutes can be set) .

    2.8. High-capacity lithium battery can continuously monitor data for 24 hours after power failure to ensure the integrity of monitoring data.

    2.9. Quality Guarantee: The whole machine is guaranteed for one year and the platform is upgraded for life free of charge.

    2.10. The monitoring host is convenient to install, can be directly placed or hung outside the box, connected to power, technical engineers to provide one-stop installation, commissioning, maintenance and other guidance services


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