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ACA-680 Automated Calcimeter is designed for determination of calcium carbonate (calcinity) content in soil.

It is a perfect solution for soil laboratories that have high amount of sample loads and looking for both time and labor saving solutions for the analysis of calcium carbonate in soil.

ACA-680 Automated Calcimeter overcomes the operational problems of Scheibler Calcimeter like; manual acid addition, human eye detection as a measurement method and operator dependency during multi sample analysis .

Moreover, ACA-680 offers unattended analysis of 68 samples with the help of its autosampler.

  • Automated acidification (Operator does not need to add acid to the sample cup by hand)
  • Leak free sample cup and cap, fittings and tubings through all sample pathway
  • High sensitive CO2 flow through detection.
  • Magnetic stirring of each sample.
  • 40 ml sample cup with PTFE/silicon septum and caps.
  • Independency of the results from both the human effect and laboratory conditions
  • Working range from 0.1% to 100% as CaCO3 .
  • User friendly software (It controls ACA-680, records data of the analysis and generates reports.)
  • Ability to export reports in different formats
  • Multipoint calibration, long term stability
  • Simplicity of calibration and validation procedures through software
  • Automatic weight transfer from balance to software
  • 68 Carousel sample capacity autosampler
  • Special rack for standard on autosampler
  • True walk-away operation


Analyze for TIC % and  % CaCO3  in sail samples

Complements existing combustion –bases elemental analyzers measuring for TOC and organic matter (TOC=TC-IC)


  • Adds acid and stirs samples, automatically.
  • Runs up to 147 samples (Auto sampler Options)


Static Mode : provides complete digestion of carbonates including. Magnezite (MgCO3) and Dolomite (CaMg(CO3)2), with a speed of 1 min per analysis

Dynamic Mode : provides additional automation function like acid addition and stirring


  • Optional high sensitivity feature provides increased accuracy for low TIC samples(˂1%TIC)
  • Lower operation costs then combustion based technologies.
  • Replace the Scheibler Calcimeter,saving the user time with on increase in accuracy .
  • Built in NDIR detector offers better  discrimination when compared to system measuring on  Pressure differential


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