ACA-90 ( Automated Calcimmeter)


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Brand:Automated Calcimmeter


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It concerns an apparatus measuring the calcium carbon rate in the samples of sediments or drilling core by the measurement of the carbon dioxide pressure emitted after an hydrochloric acid injection (Method based on ASTM D4373-02). For each sample it gives the mass, the rise pressure curve on 100 points and the calculated rate. By eliminating tedious handling of the Chittick apparatus, it strongly reduces times of measurement. Moreover connected to a PC, it allows a data processing by computer.


  •  Samples – 90 mg to 1,1 g in 3 ranges
  •  Removable carousel of 20 samples
  •  Automatic management of the system by a microcontroller
  • Possibility of optimizing the parameters of measurement manuall
  •  Hydrochloric acid proof PVC case
  • Delivery with an adapted scales
  •  Optional extra: PC software for data processing by computer.

  •  Automatic acquisition of the samples masses resulting from a scales with a RS232 connection or manual acquisition directly by the keyboard
  • Output the data and results toward a PC using another connection RS232 with the possibility of direct reading of the masses and rates on the calcimeter screen
  • Automatic adjustment of acid quantity and measure volume according to the sample mass
  • Conversational programming by a 16 keys keyboard and a LCD screen of 2 lines

  • Possibility of choosing the number of samples to be measured
  • Choice of the measurement time according to the quality of the sediments
  • Display of the pressure on LCD screen during the reaction

Technical Specification



white and grey PVC


410 * 570 * 290 mm

Dimensions (L * W * H)

about 10 kg


inclined to 45° for a good reading, with screen and keyboard

Front side


range 100 mg – 90 to 150 mg

range 250 mg – 200 to 300 mg

range 1 g – 900 to 1100 mg

Samples masses ranges

0 to 500 hPa by electronic sensor


8 to 100 %

Measurement range of CACO3 rate

+/- 4%

Precision of the rate in the range

Mechanical part

by motor step by step

Move of the carousel

by peristaltic pump

Injection of acid

by peristaltic pump

pneumatic jack and latex joint

Sealing of the bottle

Electronic part

230 VAC +/- 10% in 50 Hz

Supply voltage

average 65 mA, maxi 180 mA

Supply current

Fuse 1A


by microcontroller


by questions/answers


last carrousel (more than one month)

                                           Data and results saving

Accessories delivered with the standard calcimeter

¨ 1 carousel, 21 bottles,1 bottle for acid with tube connection, 1 supply cable, 2 tubes for air pump for jack with 4 clips, 1 user’s guide
¨ Option: scales – 150g by 0,001g, PC software and 2 cables RS232 for scale and PC,.

Accessories and consumables


Set of 21 bottles

Head of acid pump

Bottle for acid (0,5 l)

Tube connection for acid

Cable RS232 3 meters

Pc Software


                    Pressure sensor

Air pump for jack

Tube for air pump for jack  + 2 clips

Tube for acid pump with  2 stainless connections


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