NIR-7000 UV/VIS NIR Spectrophotometer


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NIR-7000 spectrometer is a double/dual beam spectrophotometer with continuous scanning in UV Vis NIR band. It can be used in building glass energy-saving detection, building engineering quality testing, automobile glass testing, material science research, scientific research in Colleges and universities, etc. The samples that can be detected are: ordinary flat glass, electro float glass, laminated glass, ion-plated glass, sputtering coated glass, Low-E glass, automobile safety film, etc.

The double beam optical system design reduces the background interference and improves the accuracy and accuracy of the test.

The receiver of the instrument ensures the high performance and stability of the instrument.

The control of the instrument (such as grating conversion, filter conversion, receiver conversion, wavelength scanning, etc.) is all controlled by the computer, and the interface is USB2.0.

The connection of the instrument is simple, which greatly improves the communication speed.

Zf720-20 glass integrated optical test system software can be selected to automatically detect the visible light transmittance, direct sunlight transmittance, direct sunlight reflectance and other related parameters of building glass.

The total solar transmittance and the shielding coefficient of various window glass components to solar radiation heat can be obtained by using the glass hemispherical emissivity detector.

Special sample test accessories can be selected.

The software can set the import function to import text format data.

Real time measurement of sample data and export of test result data.

The software can run under WinXP and win7 system.


According to the standard:

GB / t2680-94 determination of visible light transmittance, direct sunlight transmittance, total solar transmittance, ultraviolet transmittance and related glass parameters of building glass

Calculation and determination of Steady State U value (heat transfer coefficient) of insulating glass (GB / T 22476-2008)

GB / T 5137.4-2001 test method for solar transmittance of automotive safety glass

JGJ / t151-2008 code for thermal calculation of glass curtain wall of building doors and windows (current)

“JGJ / t287-2014 energy saving test standard for architectural reflective heat insulation coatings”


Basic configuration:

UV Vis NIR spectrometer host, USB data cable, quartz cuvette, zero block, application software, supporting

tools, etc.

(a set of solid accessories and liquid accessories is selected as standard)


The working software of this instrument has rich test and analysis functions, which can be used to measure transmittance, absorbance, energy and reflectivity. It has the functions of spectrum scanning, fixed-point measurement and multi wavelength measurement.


Light source

Deuterium lamp, tungsten bromide lamp

Wavelength range (nm)


Optical system

Double /dual beam

Sample compartments

Dual for glass slides

Wavelength accuracy (nm)

± 0.27 (UV / VIS); ± 1 (NIR)


Wavelength repeatability (nm

≤ 0.3 (UV / VIS); ≤ 2 (NIR)

Bandwidth (nm)

0.2-5 (UV-Vis), 1-20 (NIR)

Accuracy of transmittance (% t)

± 0.3

Renaturation of transmission specific gravity (% t)

≤ 0.2


Stray light (% t)

≤ 0.2% t (220nm, NAI)


Working mode

transmittance, absorbance, reflectivity, energy

Light source guaranteed

~7 years

Software function

it can customize the corresponding test interface function according to the user’s habits, and measure the transmittance, absorbance and absolute reflection of the test sample.

Sampling interval

0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.5nm, 1nm, 1.5nm, 2nm, 5nm, 10nm

Luminosity range

0 ~ 2.5A

After preheating, flatness

± 0.004a (baseline: 2500nm)

Host interface


Size (mm)

830 * 600 * 260, (sample room) 120 * 240 * 200

Test sample specification (mm

 30-110, thickness ≤ 20


Weight (kg)

about 65


Optional accessories:

ZF720-1 Integrating sphere

Diameter Φ 60mm, 380-2500nm dual detector


Zf720-2 solid sample measurement accessories

Clamping lens range: diameter: Φ 10-36mm; thickness: 0.5-10mm


Zf720-3 reflection measurement accessories

The incident angle is 5 degrees, and the reflection spectrum is measured



Main interface:

Data printing: special output report, meet the needs of most users. Output reports include: visible light transmittance, visible light reflectance, direct sunlight transmittance


Standard working software interface:

Zf720-20 glass integrated optical test system software

The software is compiled according to the national standard GB / t2680-94. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient data import and storage, flexible operation, including ultraviolet calculation, visible light calculation, sunlight calculation, shielding coefficient calculation and thermal conductivity calculation in GB / t2680-94.


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