ATM-700  Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator


Product Code:1989973
Brand:  Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator


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  1. Super large LCD display, intelligent operating system, flexible and convenient man-machine dialogue, easy to use with basic computer operations.
  2. According to the actual situation of the sample, you can adjust the accuracy, titration speed, stirring speed, and end point delay by yourself
  3. The color titration curve is displayed dynamically during the titration process, which allows you to browse more instrument parameters and analysis result information more intuitively, and can also identify and determine the possible side reactions at the best time to suppress them
  4. The test results of moisture content are automatically stored, and a printer can be purchased.
  5. Built-in dedicated fully enclosed intelligent titration system for stirring and replacing titration solvents, only need to operate on the touch screen, without opening the reaction cup, you can use the built-in multifunctional pump to discharge waste liquid and add new solvent (methanol) . Shorten the balance time, while reducing the escape of organic solvents and accumulation in the air, protecting the health and safety of operators.
  6. The experiment has a long time interval (usually more than 10 days), and the remaining Karl Fischer reagent in the measuring tube can be injected back into the reagent bottle to reduce the waste of reagents. This step only needs to operate the touch screen.


Measuring range

10ppm-100% (H2O mass fraction)

Water content resolution


Measuring tube resolution


Repeatability of moisture titration


Linear correlation coefficient of moisture titration


Capacity error


Relative error


The sample detection time is 30s-90s, which is determined by the nature of the sample.


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