DOM30AY Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter


Product Code: 15660
Brand: Dissolved Oxygen Meters

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1.Large LCD screen with controllable white backlight.
2. Built-in microprocessor chip has Intelligent functions such as auto calibration, ATC, data storage, function settings, auto
diagnosis, auto power off, and under voltage prompt, etc.
3. DO mode has functions of ATC, auto salinity compensation and manual pressure compensation
4. New structure polarography DO electrode can measure temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen simultaneously,
equipped with special DO electrode calibration sleeve, only need 3~5 minutes for polarization.
5. Combined diaphragm cap makes it extremely convenient to replace the sensitive membrane just by screwing the new cap to
the electrode.
6. Grade IP57 and equipped with suitcase for outdoor purpose.


DOMeasuring range (0 ~ 20.00) mg/L(ppm), (0 ~ 200.0)%
Resolution0.1/0.01 mg/L(ppm), 1/0.1 %
AccuracyElectrode: ±0.10 mg/L, Instrument: ±0.40 mg/L
Response time≤30s (25℃ , 90%response)
Residual current≤0.1 mg/L
Temperature compensation(0 ~ 45)℃ (auto)
Salinity compensation(0 ~ 45) ppt (auto)
Pressure compensation(66 ~ 200) kPa (manual)
Automatic calibrationAir saturated by water, water saturated by air
Electrode typePolarographic
Other Technical

Data storage

200 sets


Two AA batteries (1.5V x2)

Shipping size/G.W.


Working Conditions

Ambient temperature

5~35 ℃(0.01grade)

Ambient humidity


IP grade

IP57 Dustproof and waterproof

Meter Kits

1) DO meter

2) DO electrode
3) Temperature electrode
4) DO filling solution
5) Membrane cap
6) Cathode polishing paper
7) Suitcase


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