EGA5000 Automatic Egg Analyzer


Product Code: 70090
Brand: Egg Teste


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This device measures and calculates Haugh unit, yolk color, egg weight and USDA Grade

Electronically measures and calculates egg weight, albumen height, yolk color, Haugh unit and USDA grade with one unit.

Displays and prints measured values and calculated values.

Extremely high accuracy.

Constantly stable measurement, not depending upon individual operators.

Shortens the measurement time (approx.17 seconds per set)

Proprietary Software compatible with an external PC

Unified data, data transportability

Come with 2 ways of communication to PC:

USB cable and Wi-Fi

Large internal memory – up to 32GB with SDHC card

Large 3.5’’ color/graphic display

Internal speaker for voice instructions (optional)



Egg weight

20.0 gr – 300 gr +/- 0.2gr

Albumen height

2mm – 15mm +/- 0.2mm

Yolk color

1 through 16 according to the DSM Yolk color fans (support 16 colors)


Haugh unit

0 – 130

USDA Grades

AA : 72 or more

  A : 71.9 – 60

  B : 59.9 – 31

C : 30.9 or less

1.Built-in printer

2.Supply voltage: AC90V – 240V 54W


(1260 (W) × 310 (H) × 390 (D) mm


Approx. 7.6 Kg


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