EGT900 Egg Shell Thickness Gauge


Product Code: 889090
Brand: Egg Teste


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  • High Precision, 0.001mm Resolution.

♦  Real Time A-Scan with Adjustable Gain, Range, Blanking, etc.

♦  Especially Fits for Ultra Thin Workpiece, Can Accurately and Reliably Measure Down to  0.2mm.

♦ Through Coating Measurement, e.g. Painting on the Substrate, the Net Thickness of the Substrate Can Be Measured without Removing Paintings.

♦ Unique Multiple-Wave Verify Mode, All the Thickness Values Have Been Checked  Through 3 to 9 Times of Echos, Which Makes the Result More Reliable and Accurate.



2.4QVGA(320×240)true color OLED screen, contrast 10000:1























Measuring Modes

Interface-Echo Mode( I-E):for thick material

Echo-Echo Mode (E-E): for the thin material and measure through the coating

Multiple Echo Verify Mode (ME-E): All the thickness values have been checked through 3 to 9 times of echos, which makes the result more reliable and  accurate

Auto Mode:The instrument select the measuring mode automatically according to the different material being tested

Measuring Range( Steel)

Interface-Echo Mode: 1.5mm-27mm

Echo-Echo Mode: 0.25mm-13.5mm

Multiple Echo Verify Mode: 0.25mm-9mm

Auto Mode: 0.25mm-27mm

Display Mode

A-SCAN: Displays the whole RF echo or half-waveform after rectified

B-SCAN: Real time B-Scan, displays the profile of the workpiece

Big Thickness Value: The conventional display of the thickness value

Difference/Thickness thinning rate: Display the difference between the real thickness value and the preset thickness value, and the percentage of the thinning value

Min./Max. Capture: Display the current thickness value, Min. value and Max. value at the same time


Real time continuously adjustable, adjustable range 41dB

Measuring Resolution

0.001 mm or 0.01mm (0.0001 in or 0.001 in)

Material Velocity Range


Alarm Setting

Dynamically change the color of thickness value when the measuring value exceeds the upper limit or lower limit of preset


Inch or Millimeter


 English, French, Germany, Japanese


2 AA size batteries, Operating time is more than 35 hours

Instrument Shut-off

Selectable ALWAYS ON or AUTO OFF after 5, 10 or 20 minutes of inactivity

Working Temperature

-10℃ ~+50℃


153mm × 76mm ×37mm(H ×W ×D)


280g including batteries

Data Recorder:


400 Files, 100,000 Thickness Values and 1000 Groups of Waveforms

File Structure

Grid File

Line Number * Column Number


Communication Connector

USB 2.0 Full Speed Connector

Communication Software

Data View Software


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