FPT-8000 Flash Point Tester


Product Code:5005
Brand:Cup Flash Point


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This equipment is our new product, which is strictly designed with different test modes for different test standards. It can test many items and automation degree is very high. It can be widely used for many industries, such as chemicals safety inspecting, petrochemical inspection and plastic

1.Test model options:it’s strictly operated as per different standards of Acculab  to detect flash point of sample: A.ISO13736,ISO1516,ISO1523 ,GB/T 21789 etc; B.Expected flash point searching:perform rapid test for sample with unknown expected flash point and search it; C.User defined (Temperature rising controlling and ignition test modes are differently required in each standards,users can set test model by themself.)

2.High automation:Set flash point test parameters according to operation ways shown on LCD screen,press “Start” key,all test process will be done automatically. 3.Colorful touch screen can operated directly and display whole test process clearly.The interface is simple,operation is easy. 4.This tester is compact,small and beautiful 5.It has function of fault diagnosis and alarming 6.The test result can be printed out by standard needle printer


Applicable standards

ISO 13736, IP170, ISO 1516, ISO 1523, GB/T 21789


Desktop, with full stainless steel case

Measuring range

10℃ ~110℃ ,temperature controlling accuracy ±0.1 ℃

Refrigeration source

inbuilt imported semiconductor refrigeration metal bath cold trap

Stirring way


Temperature sensor


Flash point detection sensor

CRC thermal couple


Colorful touch screen

Ignition method

Automatic(gas ignition and electronic ignition can be chose by actual

Display content

①controlling temperature and set expected flash point

②fault prompt screen

③parameters and pressure setting

Power consumption


Overall size

400(W)×380(D)×350(H) mm




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