FRP-7000 Automatic Freezing Point Tester


Product Code:005815
Brand:Automatic Freezing Point Tester


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  1. The cold bath is made of stainless steel, double glass observing window, with the advanced temperature control technology, the lowest temperature degree is -70℃,the temperature accuracy is ±0.5℃,complying with standard GB/T 2430,SH/T 0090 and ASTM D1177,D2386 for the freezing point test requirement.
  2. Automatically judge the freezing point temperature.
  3. According to the different configuration, it can be used to test the freezing point etc .indexes of jet fuel ,engine coolant and its concentrated solution, it’s a multipurpose freezing point tester.
  4. It’s the floor stand structure, the work table-board is made of stainless steel, concise design, nice appearance, convenient usage, fully furnished.
  5. The maximal characteristic: integrated to measure jet fuel freezing point and engine coolant freezing point; automatically stirring sample and judging the freezing point temperature, fast cooling, high precision temperature control, full spraying plastic case, wear well


Power supply

AC 220 V±10%, 50 Hz

Working bath

stainless steel,double vacuum glass observing window

Freezing point range


Cold bath measurement temperature


Temperature controlling accuracy


Bath liquids stirring

electric stirring. The power is 6W,1200r/min

Sample stirring

mechanical stirring is 0~120r/min,continuously adjustable

 Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Maximum power consumption



560 ㎜×550 ㎜×810 ㎜


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