MBK-POLPH Phase Contrast Polarizing Microscope


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Brand: Microscope


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– Quintuple turret phase contrast unit with 10X/20X/40X/100X infinity plan phase contrast objective for phase contrast and bright field observation.
Dark field condenser(dry)available to 4X-40X Objective. Dark field condenser (wet) available to 100X Objective.
X/20X/40X/100X Independent Phase Contrast Unit.10
Infinity Plan Objectives
Polarizer, analyzer for simple polarizing unit.





















PLAN 4×/0.10W.D.=12.10mm

PLAN 10×/0.25W.D.=4.64mm

PLAN 20×/0.40(S)W.D.=2.41mm

Infinity Plan Objectives






PLAN 40×/0.66(S)W.D.=0.65mm

PLAN 100×/1.25(S, Oil)W.D.=0.12mm

PLAN 2.5×/0.07W.D.=8.47mm

PLAN 60×/0.80(S)W.D.=0.33mm

PLAN 100×/1.15(S, W)W.D.=0.19mm

UPlanFLN 10X/0.30W.D.=7.68mm

Infinity PlanUPlanFLN 20X/0.50W.D.=1.96mm

Semi Apochromatic Objective




UPlanFLN 40X/0.75W.D.=0.78mm

UPlanFLN 100X /1.30 (Oil)W.D.=0.15mm

Seidentopf Binocular HeadInclined 30°,Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance:48mm-75mm

Seidentopf  Trinocular HeadInclined 30°,Rotatable 360°, Interpupilary Distance:48mm-75mm

, Light Distribution: 100: 0 / 80:20

CondenserAbbe N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm.

Swing Out Condenser, N.A. 0.9/0.13, with iris diaphragm.

Koehler Illumination12V/20W Halogen Lamp

Wide voltage input: 100V~240V6V/30W Halogen Lamp

Field diaphragm , center adjustable3W-LED Illumination


Green /Amber /Grey

C-mount1×/0.5×/0.75×C-mount (focus adjustable

Fluorescence AttachmentEpi fluorescence unit ( six-hole disc media which can be fixed with Uv/V/B/G and another filters) ,100W mercury lamp

Epi fluorescence unit ( six-hole disc media which can be fixed Uv /V/B/G), 5W-LED fluorescence lamp

Phase Contrast Unit(( Phase contrast objective 10x/20x/40x/100x Quintuple hole turret

Independent slot ( Phase Contrast Objective 10x/20x/40x/100x )

Dark Field UnitDark field condenser (dry),apply to 4×- 40× objective

Dark field condenser (wet),apply to 100× objective

Polarizing AttachmentAnalyzer / Polarizer


Note: “●”In Table Is Standard outfits, “○” Is Optional Accessories.

Packing Size: 542mm×265mm×355mm  Gross Weight: 12 kgs  Net Weight: 10kgs


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