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Our NIR Spectrometer is a FTIR spectrometer adopts MEMS technology, it has advantage of compact structure, easy operation and fast installation. Our NIR is wildly used in in line of petrochemical, pharmaceutical, wine-making and military Industry, it’s mainly used for testing solid samples. Low Use Cost, Training Cost and Maintenance Cost.


  • High speed analysis, multiple composition can be tested at a same time in 60s.
  • Non-destructive of samples
  • Combined large screen computer in the machine, it can do real-time test.
  • Easy to use, without training.
  • Precision Full Seal Design

Application Area:

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries

Material identification and quality evaluation can be directly analyzed in user warehouses or on-site unloading

Rapid Detection of Intermediates in Workshop Production

Rapid and non-destructive analysis of drugs, capsules and powder injection, such as water content in powder injection, consistency of effective components in tablets and capsules, etc.

Physical properties of polymer and petrochemical industry samples such as density, molecular weight, degree of polymerization, etc.On-site Rapid Detection of Mixed Process

Rapid detection of fermentation process

Rapid nondestructive analysis of pasty samples in cosmetics Industry

Agriculture and Food Industry

Rapid Nondestructive Testing of Fat, Protein and Water Contents in Agricultural By-products such as Meat and Cereals

Quantitative Analysis of Protein, Cellulose, Amino Acids and Water in Feed

Chemical Composition Analysis of Tobacco, Qualitative Analysis of Origin and Grade

Analysis of Sugar, Water and Protein in Bread and Chocolate Products in Food

Operation process control of refinement, drying and mixing units in food production and processing






Wavelength range


1150nm~1700nm/1250nm~2100nm) (optional)

Signal-to-noise ratio

1500:1 (1800nm)


8 nm (1550 nm

Operating system


LCD Touch Screen

10 inches

Storage space


Measurement method

non-contact diffuse reflection

Power supply mode




Ambient temperature

 5-40 degrees Celsius

Environmental humidity


Product size

490*280*280mm (L*W*H)

Instrument weight



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