Product Code: 33506
Brand: Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Manifold


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The Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Manifold offers excellent sealing and individual control for SPE columns.  Designed for up to 12 columns and can accomodate collection tubes of 10, 12 and 15mm.

Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is a widely used and popular sample pretreatment instrument, which uses solid adsorbent to adsorb the target compounds in the liquid sample and separate them from the substrate and the interfering compounds. It can separate and enrich the target compounds by eluent eluting or heating desorption.

  • Excellent vacuum seal
  • Highly reproducible with no cross-over
  • High consistency, no cross over,
  • Simple operation, and easy collection
  • Can be equipped with large capacity acquisition container, can handle samples in batches or individually.
  • Extra hard and thick acrylic, resists high negative pressure above -80kpa.
  • Corrosion-resistant tube rack


  • Ambient temperature: 4°C-45°C
  • The relative humidity: ≤70%
  • Type and number of processing samples:
  • 10mm tube X 12
  • 12mm tube X 12
  • 15mm tube X 12
  • Vacuum degree: ≤-0.08Mpa
  • Internal dimension of tank: 215x57x140mm
  • Dimension (W x D x H mm): 280x150x214mm
  • Net Weight(kg): 2.8kgs


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