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The honey Analyzer is an integrated food safety fast detection and analysis equipment. It uses desktop integrated design to detect sucrose, reducing sugar (glucose and fructose), hydroxyamalamal formation of various types of honey quality , Pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, heavy metal and other projects such as qualitative and quantitative testing.

This honey Analyzer is a fast -testing and analysis equipment for integrated food safety. It is currently widely used in the Food and Drug Administration, Market Supervision Department, High Education College, Scientific Research Institute, Agricultural Department, Bee Farm, and Honey Processing Plant.

Instrument Detection Items:

Reflected honey

Sucrose, reducing sugar (glucose and fructose), hydroxytaltal


formation, proline, amylase, acidity, sugar, etc.


Pesticide residue

Heavy metal

Lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.


Chloramphenicol, fluoropromone, Ennuo huderia, ciprobal stars,


salad sandstars, fluoroproma, sulfamidine drugs, sulfrazamine,


sulfrazamine, sulfide pyrine, sulfa triameter oxygen Piopyrazine,

(veterinary drug)

sulfine, vulvarine, sulfa, rinomyine, splinycin, tetracycline,

rodentin, metericillin, mightyinin, konomycin, galcopicin,

usuzoloone metabolites , Fu Fu, keto metabolites, bearing

metabolites, bearing metabolites, etc.


Technical Parameter:

1.The instrument adopts a desktop integrated system detection technology to integrate the height of the spectrophot light module, colloidal gold detection module, new agricultural residue detection module, digital management module, and wireless communication module. Leave the upgrade detection method.

2.The instrument detection module is standardized and intelligent, and the detection items can be combined freely and freely. Multiple standard detection units are arranged in the box, and the detection module can adjust the configuration.

3.Display screen: The instrument uses 10.1-inch vertical LCD touch screens. With running an Android intelligent operating system, the main control chip uses ARM Cortex-A7, RK3288/4 core processor, the main frequency is 1.88GHz, which is convenient to operate and stronger performance.

4.Detective channel: ≥12 channels; the precision rotation ratio pool design is used, and the same chip is used for calibration accuracy to solve the error value between different light sources, which is more accurate and efficient. (0.1%error between 1-12 channels,

5.Instrument light sources: high -precision four waves of long cold light sources. Each channel is equipped with 410, 520, 590, 630nm wavelength light sources, standard optical road switching devices, patented light road switching functions can achieve 64 wavelengths, and all testing items can be available. Realize all channels at the same time.

6.Equipment can be calibrated with one -click, automatically preserved calibration data, automatically compared and verified, and obtains accurate light sources. The Android SP storage data is used. The light source data will never be lost and it is convenient for each time.

7.Communication interface: equipped with wireless communication modules, 4G (APN) communication modules, Bluetooth transmission, and also have dual USB interfaces and RJ45 network cable interfaces, which can achieve data preservation and data transmission in multiple ways.

8.Storage method: Support U disk storage, standard USB interface, free driver installation. The detection results have more than 200,000 storage capacity, which can generate the Excel table for copy and have login protection functions.

  1. Intelligent operating system:

9.1 Operating system: The instrument can automatically correspond to the relevant detection channel at the same detection interface. Select 1-12 sample names at one time, without exiting the interface, saving the operating time. It can also be edited separately for each channel attribute and sample information, such as inspection units, personnel, inspection personnel, etc., and the print display is checked during printing.

9.2 Data Integration System: Automatic summary analysis and detection data of the homepage of the device, including: weekly detection data, monthly detection data, all of the total number of detection, including the total number of detection, qualification, non -fitting number, and related column analysis diagrams, various items, various items The detection data is clear at a glance, no computer query is required, it is faster and intuitive.

9.3 Database system: A dozen database classification management instruments: include project types, project data, detection data, historical records, national standard information, curve information, sampling information, detection information, inspection information, review information, chart information, light source calibration Information, print style information, sample library information, etc., coordinate and link database to ensure the true integrity of the data. At the same time, the product database and historical test record support the one -click search function.

9.4 Limited judgment system: have limited query, add material compliance judgment system. After the results are detected, the system automatically calls the relevant national standards in the system database for comparison and judge, and the objective display of the judgment results are qualified.

9.5 Project preset system: The instrument has the module of the task preset, one -click preset in advance, giving a convenient and fast new detection solution. Each task can set different samples, batches, numbers, sources, remarks, sampling information separately, respectively , Test information, inspecting information, review information and other more information. The sample is retrieved by one -click inspection and can be retrieved multiple times, which greatly improves the detection efficiency.

9.6 Data supervision system: Synchronous docking supervision platforms, data can be uploaded by LAN and Internet data. The test results can be selected directly to the food safety supervision platform. Carry out regional food safety supervision and big data analysis processing and data statistics, detect regional food safety long and short -term dynamics, and meet food safety issues and early warning.

9.7,1 a new printing system: built -in new printer, new self -defined printing method,

can be flexibly selected and controlled by demand: product qualification certificate (standard requirements for the Ministry of Agriculture), two -dimensional code, sampling information, detection information, inspection of inspection, inspection Printing information, reviewing information, sampling date, detection date and other information.

  1. Power supply mode: Instrument interchange dual -use, DC 12V power supply, can be connected to the vehicle power supply, can be equipped with a 6AH large -capacity charging lithium battery, the power can be displayed in real time, which is convenient for outdoor flow testing.
  2. Collagen gold detection module: Adopt CMOS imaging processing technology and colloidal gold immunization layer technology, read the colloidal gold card data, automatically collect and process analysis, the test results can be displayed, and the test results can be automatically judged according to the reference limit. It can detect common veterinary drug residues, biological toxins, antibiotics, prohibited additives, etc.


11.1 detection technology: CMOS imaging detection;

11.2 detection channel: 1 channel;

11.3 detection method: elimination method and color matching method;

11.4 display mode: negative or positive;

11.5 , curve form: Direct scanning method, displaying golden label card images, real -time generation and identifying the CT curve diagram, no manual adjustment, automatic exit the detection card after the test is completed. Compatible with other golden label cards in the market, consumables are not restricted.


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